Monday, January 5, 2009

Most Egyptians strongly believe in the afterlife. After souls left their tombs. The myth was that danger lurked everywhere trying to destory ka. Then they placed portions of the Book of the Dead. In the tombs to relive the souls through the world of the dead. Also that the copy was placed between the legs of a noble or a royal mummy before the entombment.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Book of the Dead promise to protect the Ba from these bizarre fates. And make sure he not die. They protect him by having deceased standing all round him. The dead human Ba received then the god of Horus.

Spells: The main purpose of the spells were to help them in the afterlife. Also they came in different collections. Their are 200 spells in the book of the dead. They four spells in the weighing of the heart. If they weigh the heart and if it weights more than the feather. You will not see the afterlife. And if you do pass you will enjoy the afterlife and with a copy of the Bok of the Dead
The Book of the Dead
Also called: The book of coming forth by day. Referring to the emergence of the soul from the tomb. The text is very important to King Tut because it protect he organs. The priest would take a prayer from the book. Hoping the words help them after death. Over the last couple of days I have a lot about the Book of the Dead.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Book Of The Dead: Spells written in hieroglyphs on rolls of papyrus. Well- paid scribes would have the book of the dead made for them specially. The reason why they had the Book of the Dead written for them because they were so rich that they could afford it.